Damm is it hot!  Yep, Summer has arrived here in Mobile Alabama.  For the next three months we can expect oppressive heat, high humidity, blue skies interrupted by a daily late afternoon thunderstorm.  And this explain why I have been away for a while. 

That campaign and a lightning strike that burned up my podcasting mixing board and PC is what has tied me up and kept me away from this website recently, but now I am back.

So, how have I been doing?  Well, I did hit a common roadblock.  My insurance paid twice a week PT ended about 4 weeks ago and with it so ended my motivation getting better with my fake leg.  All I wanted to do was lay on the couch, watch tv, and sit at the phone and computer and call politicians about the marijuana bill.  But do not blaim my lack of motivation on the weed, I have not bought or smoked weed in a few years. (that photo above is a few years old)  When you get old like me and fear driving to the hood, you just cannot find the stuff anymore. 

So, how am I doing with my amputation?  Really not bad.  I DO DRIVE my car to the store and such, so that forces me to pop on the old fake leg every couple of days to get to and from my car.  And now that I am getting a little motivated again I hope to continue this progress.
This all leads to todays great tip!  It is very understandable that even when we may need a little help with a daily task, most amputees would rather bypass that help and try to do it ourselves!   I myself, while going to the grocery store (Thank you to the staff at Publix who are so helpful and happy to drive an electric cart to me when they see me park) have bought a device that makes the unloading and putting away of the grocery's a breeze! 
This is a fold up cart my wife & daughter found for me in the CAMPING SECTION of the LOCAL KMART!  It was $89.95 marked down on SALE to $69.95 and after using it a few times, worth every dime!

Shown here with a full trunk of grocery's that I easily loaded from my wheelchair, including: 2 giant bags of cat food, 1 large box of cat litter, 3-12 packs of cokes, 4- 6 packs of mountain dew big bottles, 1-8 pack of gateraid, 8 large bags of frozen food and fresh fruits, and a 6 pack of paper towels.  All packed, it shows how sturdy the cart is, and even with this heavy load it was easy to pull with only one hand from my wheelchair! 

Diary Continues - May 11, 2015



Keep in mind the instructions say this is NOT a toy for the kids to play in, and has a weight limit of

180 pounds, but it is still strong enough to haul an entire car trunk full of grocery's!

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Once inside the house, I roll it to the den/kitchen and put the grocery's away.  Then when it is empty, there is a black wooden latch in the center of the cart.  You pull that latch up, and the entire cart collapses again for easy storage taking up almost no space.  The cart is very sturdy and only weighs about  5 pounds. 

Now, no matter where you stand on the legal marijuana question, the passage of this bill is NOT going to turn Alabama into a free for all weed state like California.  All this bill  would do is allow patients the right to grow, or purchase from a state store, medical marijuana for a limited list of things the medical community as shown it to be effective with, and only with a doctor's prescription.  Conditions like Cancer, spinal pain, Etc.  Included in the list is to help phantom pain in amputees.  Marijuana has been show to be the ONLY drug over 95% EFFECTIVE in controlling amputee phantom pain.  OK, I will get off my soupbox now. 

Bringing it inside was a snap as I do not have stairs, and my friends installed a very small set of ramps to make rolling my wheelchair (with me in it) inside and out through my front door very easy.  This also allows the cart full of food to easily be pulled into my house!


After looking at several carts at Lowes, Home Depot, My family decided this was the best cart, which on the tag calls it a foldable wagon.  It can be found at Kmart, and ours was on sale in the camping department for $69.95 (down from 89.95).  So if you are like me and want to stay independent, check this cart out!

First, I have been involved in a massive letter writing and phone call campaign to battle State Senator Waggonor who has decided to use his power to block Alabama HB326 which is Alabama's Medical Marijuana bill.