Our third podcast - All about prosthetic socks / getting a good fit!

Subject: Robert Gauge explains how you can get a great prosthetic fit with these special socks - With guest host Christina from youtube's AmputeeOT - Published 1/9/2015 - time 6:00 minutes

Our second podcast -- Christmas Show!

Subject: Your first test socket (leg prototype) and Robert takes his first steps in four months - Published 12/24/2014 - time 7:20 minutes

Welcome to the Podcast Collection - Updated each week!

Our first podcast.

Subject: Introduction to our Host Plus drug help for Phantom Pain - Published 12/15/2014 - time 8 1/2 minutes.

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Our forth podcast - All about the equipment and software you need to start your own podcast PLUS cool safety tips for recent amputees from - Published 1/14/2015 -Time: 7:28 minutes